An agency that knows what a 5711 is.

And even better, that knows how to sell it.

Temporarily FREE. A look at your profile to see what could get your account deleted.

 Watch Dealer Drama

We get it, you don’t trust agencies.

And that’s good, now we already have 1 thing in common.

In fact, it’s the whole reason we became “watch marketers”

So many “agencies” reach out to watch dealers, and they all promise you the moon.

The messed up bit is (besides their insane fees):

99% of them don’t know how to sell a watch with paid ads.

They apply the same tactic they would for any eCom product. “Because their course told them so”.

And then justify their failure by “iOS 14.5 Tracking Issues”

And if that isn’t bad enough already…

Most of them come with an insane fee too.

Probably because they think you must make 20/30% on every watch… 

Or because they have a fancy office with employees… 

Oh and our favorite, then we stop, pinkie promise.

They “forget” to point out the mistakes you might have and get your Instagram® account deleted…

Uff, just writing this makes me embarrassed of them.

Enough about them, why are we any different

 After working with watch dealers for over 3 years now, we can say we know our sh*t.

We have seen clients go from selling mainly 5k Cartiers to selling Pateks And RMs

And meanwhile our skills have evolved over the years,

Our price remains nice and low.

Honestly, with 1 extra watch sale per month you should be more than fine.

Want to start selling more, or maybe selling isn’t the problem but getting the stock is?

Either way we can help, however you have to take the first step.

Which is clicking on this button below to schedule a call.

No gatekeeper, no bullsh*t, we aren’t here to waste your time.

You will get a call directly with Sam.

What we do.

Paid ads and everything that comes with it. So you can sell/buy more watches.

A unique way of selling

Watches are just different from other products. People aren’t just sitting on the couch and being like: “Oh yeah, I’ll order a 25k Starbucks, where is my card?

It’s a longer process. But if you start seeding now, the future will be hulk green.

Getting more stock

If you sell more, you’ll need to buy more.

If we are being honest, our sell method alone will also help you get more sellers. If that makes sense.

But we also have the perfect funnel that makes selling a watch to you the only logical option.


Giving heads up.

It’s not a secret AD don’t like you guys, hence so many accounts getting deleted.

We will watch your company like a hawk and make sure that you don’t lose your account.

That’s it. We don’t believe that more is better. We don’t built websites, we don’t do SEO. We are a focused brand.


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Answers to Your Questions

What is it we do?

Basically we created our own method of helping watch dealers sell their watches. But we also make sure they don’t mess up and get their account deleted, because Instagram now-a-days (or better said Rolex) isn’t too happy with you guys.

Oh, and we can also build funnels so people will sell their watches to you. Because once you start selling more, you’ll need to buy more too.

Why watches?

“Love what you do & you’ll never work another day in your life”.

When I grew up my dad always wore his Breitling, and we looked in magazines together staring at different watches (good old times) . I guess this is where my passion comes from. Combining it with marketing skills. It’s a dream job.

Do we need your log-in codes?

No! And if you gave your log-in codes in the past, leave this website and come back once you changed your password.

We don’t need your log-in codes, we don’t need your credit card info. We just need your permission to run.


How can you bring us results if you work with other watch dealers?

Loads of answer for this one:

1) The world is very big, and even though most watch dealers offer worldwide shipping. Most watch buyers actually like having the shop/office close to them.

2) Not all watch dealers are the same, and I’m not just talking about their stock. I’ve met watch dealers who come suited up to a meeting and others who wore an Adidas tracksuit with a Rose Gold Day-Date.

3) We don’t share any client information with other clients. Not that we will have much, but we can keep a secret.

4) If you want to work with an agency, you are either going to compete against us, or have us handle things so everything goes smoothly.


I barely have any free time.

As long as you have time to make a few photos & videos (and reply to potential buyers) you should be fine.

We take care of the time consuming stuff like editing photos/videos, adding visuals, coming up with ad copy and daily checking everything.


A real marketing agency.

Our company consists of 3 marketing companies.

eGorila Marketing (Watches), eGorila Local (Local Business) and TeleGorilla (Call Center).

It’s company has it’s own specialized team to get the best results for each client.

Watch Marketing

Our biggest passion and what we are known for the most. 

Local Business Marketing

Do you own a business in the Costa Blanca, we are here to help you grow.

TeleGorilla Call Center

A Dutch call center in Spain. Gewoon lekker Nederlands.

Want to sell more watches?

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(+34) 677 160 187